After almost 33 years in the hospital, I now turn to the women who have recently given birth, their babies, the family and their special needs. There are new and exciting topics with which I have been able to deal since 2020. I am happy about the trust they have placed in me.
My further education is varied and profound.
-manual therapy
-salts by Dr. Schüssler
-birth preparation.

My job mainly concerns the outpatient care of the post natalecare at home, it is important for me to ensure the needs of mother and child, as well as the consideration and the involvement of the whole family. It is a sensitive and challenging time in the life of a young family. A holistic care can require help, this could be in the form of massages, acupuncture, homeopathy or aromatherapy, all of which can be invaluable and is often used by the women.

Pregnancy controls are also very welcome on request, my strengths are flexibility, high work ethic and ability for languages ​​such as German, French and Italian.
There for you even during the pandemic.